• We Believe in giving control to the community.
  • We Believe in empowering users to control their posts, page and preferences without algorithms.
  • We Believe in more creative freedom.
  • We Believe in a positive experience with no data abuse and zero tolerance of hate.
  • We Believe in inclusivity, and building people up, not tearing them down.
  • We Believe in creating original Editorial content covering the best in life, entertainment, fashion and the arts daily.
  • We Believe in discovery and the ability to be discovered.
  • We Believe in sharing advertising revenue with users.
  • We Believe in our users/creators selling or giving exclusive and immersive experiences, opportunities, products and collectibles on EXPOSVRE’s Market, and earning 90% of the sales revenue.
  • We Believe in an elevated and a beautifully designed environment.
  • We Believe in a unified giving back fund contributed by EXPOSVRE, users and brands.
  • We Believe in a single destination to do it all.

The Power to Earn