In the back room of the Tribeca Grill in NYC where some of Robert DeNiro’s father’s brilliant colorful paintings are hung on the walls, our team gathered. The editors, writers, photo editors, videographers, creative team, and tech team of one of our brands were having our quarterly meeting.

A business-driven discussion began about the alarming problems with social media and its negative effects on users, brands, artists, and our own business.

Several of the artists we covered had their content censored, images blocked and cropped when they posted stories on social media and as a result, they were angry and frustrated. They would take breaks and, in some cases, left social media altogether. Our COO shared that she was sick and tired of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, because of their ongoing spread of misinformation. Our Tech Director quit Facebook because of the lack of privacy and data abuse. The Managing Editor, a young woman in her early twenties, bravely shared that she had to take frequent breaks from Instagram because comments could be hateful, and she had been bullied.

Maybe we should do something about it, our CEO led. Could we launch something entirely different, put the user first, challenge this unacceptable norm in social media and create a successful and highly scalable new brand? Would you vote yes, or no? She asked for a show of hands of the twenty-two attending and every hand shot up for yes. We began together to explore the possibilities and the ideas excitedly flowed. This was the beginning of EXPOSVRE.

After extensive research by Senior Directors of Research and friends at Dotdash (formerly Time Inc. and Meredith), EXPOSVRE was born with the mission to shift the social media culture to a positive experience and tear down the years of control and abuse of social media users. Marian and Paula gathered a stellar team from multiple disciplines:

Meet our core team-
Marian Schwindeman, Founder & CEO
Marian is EXPOSVRE’s brand visionary. She is an innovative entrepreneur and marketing executive. Marian is the founder of Premiere Magazine, the former SVP of Global Marketing at Polo Ralph Lauren and on the Board of Directors board member of the Telluride Film Festival and Film Independent. She is also an established artist and museum curator.
Paula Romano, Founder & COO
Paula is media professional with years of achievement in driving revenue and building successful B2C Ecommerce and consumer websites & magazines, including Vogue, Entertainment Weekly and Sports Illustrated Women.
Wendy Laister, Co-Founder & SVP of Marketing
Wendy is the Founder and CEO of Magnus Entertainment and former CEO at Laister Dickson where she worked with the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Tina Turner, and on event campaigns:
The Nelson Mandela Freedom Concerts, The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, and The Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Tribute Concert.
Alexandra Baker, SVP Artist Relations
Alexandra is Founder/CEO of High Rise Public Relations representing some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry from Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga to Madonna.

Mark Gilmour, SVP Brand Strategy
Mark is the former CEO of ‘Stealth Mode’ Startup and Global Brand Director at the Virgin Group and head of brand strategy at T-Mobile. Mark is also the founder of
two non-profits, Rising Brightly and Ignited Change.
Jeff Grief, SVP Revenue
Jeff is the President of Free Agent Media and an accomplished senior executive with 25 years of cross platform media sales experience, including 10 years working on Condé Nast brands: GQ,
Vogue, The New Yorker, and Traveler.
India McCarty, Managing Editor & Music Editor
India is EXPOSVRE’s Managing Editor and Music Editor, and former editor of Bandtwango and staff writer at Soundigest.
Georgia Davis, Entertainment Editor
Georgia is a Entertainment Editor at EXPOSVRE, Marketing Manager at Teach For America and EXPOSVRE’s source for what’s new and coming soon in television, streaming and film.
Ramona Duoba, Entertainment & Photography Editor
Ramona is a Entertainment & Photography Editor at EXPOSVRE and an award-winning television producer with experience working for major broadcast and cable networks including Dow Jones and CBS
Ines Graul Valencia, Art Editor
Ines is EXPOSVRE’s Art Editor, Assistant to Jeff Koons and former Gallery Assistant at Friedrich Petzel Gallery, NYC.
Keith Goldstein, Photo Editor
Keith is also a Photographer.  His work has been published in many publications in the Erie Art Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, and the S.K. Neuman Culture Center, Brno, Czechoslovakia, to name a few.
Davi Mejia, Video & Entertainment Editor
Davi is a Latinx writer, photographer and video editor. They are also currently seeking to publish a YA novel based on their MFA thesis called Queens of the Wild Frontier.
Amanda Jane Stern, Film Editor
Amanda is EXPOSVRE’s Film Editor, a Screenwriter, Actor and Producer. Currently, she is the star, writer and producer of Perfectly Good Moment, an erotic, psychosexual thriller.
Jes Zurell, Art Editor
Jes is a native artist of rural northern Connecticut. She earned her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in painting and Master’s of Art Criticism from Syracuse University in upstate New York.

Something we don’t know about you?

Georgia: I play online Survivor games on Discord and I won the first season I played in.

Davi: I sometimes perform drag, but only post on my private social media account that I share with only my closest friends.

Amanda: I know all the lyrics to every song in the Silence of the Lambs musical parody.

Mark E.: I was in two punk rock bands and have several albums recorded with them.

Mark G: My great, great, great (I don’t know how many greats) grandfather wrote the music for Auld Lang Syne.

Wendy: I have an enormous collection of hands made of every material imaginable.  It’s a collection I started when I was about ten years old.

Keith: I am a blues aficionado. Especially British.
If you could have an unlimited supply of one thing, what would it be?

Georgia: I should say something practical like toilet paper, but tbh M&Ms is my real answer.

India: Books!

Wendy: The ability to more easily walk away.

Mark E.: Unlimited supply of tacos, for sure! hahah

Mark G: The focus is to make every day count and dark chocolate (OK, that’s two). 

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

Marian: An otter, who wouldn’t?

Mark G: A lemur. Inquisitive, roguish and lovable.

Wendy: A Chausie cat.  They are one of the bigger breeds of domestic cats.  They are fast, intelligent and regal.

Davi: A wolf with a pack to roam the forests with, free from the strife and war and egoism of humankind.

Mark E.: A dolphin – smart af and they actually surf waves!

Paula: An eagle- they are majestic, strong, courageous, wise, powerful and free to roam the world with an amazing sky view.

If you could be a superhero, which power would you want to have?

Amanda: Teleportation, just think how much money you’d save on airfare. And, as a native New Yorker it would be amazing to never have to factor in subway train times.

Mark G.: The power to enable everyone to see the person and not the label.

Paula & Wendy: The ability to time travel.

Marian: Invisibility ……think of all the things you could see, smell and touch and the ability to fly invisibly.

Chapter One
With successful funding in place in August 2023, Anthony Grivet and his team at Bean Machine completed building the EXPOSVRE MVP (most viable product), a user centric app with the following core
features and functionality:


  • EXPOSVRE gives you more creative freedom than current social
    media platforms.
  • Verified art is uncensored. You can apply to become a Verified
    Artist through a simple process. If you are a working creator or
    artist, you are automatically verified.
  • A new layout tool on mobile screens enables you to showcase
    your work as intended (no more cropping or blocking your
    images.) and curate pages by finger touch.
  • Photo and video creative tools are coming soon so you can edit
    and re-touch right on the platform.


  • You can sell and buy exclusive experiences, opportunities,
    products, and collectibles on the user marketplace and earn 90%
    of the revenue less Stripe transaction fee (2.9% +.30c)
  • You will be able to earn a % of advertising revenue by
    allowing advertising or a fee for granting data use (coming in
    our next phase of development).
  • You will be able to create your own V-Commerce galleries and
    stores (coming in our next phase of development)


  • EXPOSVRE is completely dedicated to reducing hate and toxic
  • No data abuse, no political advertising or political
    fundraising is allowed.
  • EXPOSVRE aggressively will moderate content with new, highly
    nuanced tools developed by a London based company who like
    EXPOSVRE is dedicated to reducing hate and toxic behavior and
    teaching users through peer reinforecment a better way to
    communicate on social media.
    . The user has control always and can volunteer to become part
    of the Peace Squad committed to keeping users safe.
  • Like-minded alliances and partners will further our efforts to
    provide a positive environment for you.
  • We encourage building users up, not tearing them down.


  • You can choose what to show on your pages and posts including
    comments, number of views, number of followers, and number of
    loves(or crowns).
  • No ALGORITHMS: You can choose what to receive in your feed.