Power to Choose

Choose What You Want In Your Feed

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and select your ‘Preferences’ at Anytime
  • You Choose, Not Algorithms

Choose Up To 4 Tags When You Create A Post To Best Describe Your Content

  • Go to + on home screen to ‘Create A Post’ and add Tags if you choose
  • TAGS DIRECTLY DRIVE NEW VIEWS AND FOLLOWERS from users who are interested in your content.
  • You can edit at any time

Choose to Show Your Page In Dynamic Grid Sizing or Full Width Formats

  • Go to Your Profile and select Grid Icon for Dynamic Sizing Option
  • We do not crop

Choose to Curate Your Page

  • Go to Your Profile and select ‘Grid Icon” and click on ‘Curate’ to move images with your fingertip on screen in the sequence you want them
  • You can also switch back to full width format and changes remain intact